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Board of Directors

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As a non-profit society, LSCSS is governed by a Board of Directors; these directors bring experience from their current and former roles to the organization to execute the strategic plans. As a governing board they provide a framework for the Executive Director to best deliver on the mission of the organization while ensuring that the organization remains fiscally responsible and sustainable for the future.


As a non-profit organization, Board Members are also sought to support fundraising initiatives. Board Members will be asked to participate in committees where they can provide advice and insight on situations that fall within their area of expertise. Examples of board committees are: Finance, Building, Construction, Asset Management, and Internal Affairs


 2022-2023 Board of Directors

Brian Mennell - Chair

Farida Lubbers - Vice-Chair

Timothy Guthrie - Treasurer

Shelly Clark - Secretary 

Linda Alton - Director 

Navjot Gill - Director

Albert McCormick - Director

Sherry Philpott-Adhikary - Director

Karen Sherbina - Director 

In the Spring of 2023 a Nominating Committee will be drawn from the membership to bring nominations to the Annual General Meeting, if you are interested in being a Director for LSCSS become a general member and watch for announcements and contact information for the Nominating Committee.
(term 2023-2025)
About being a Society Director


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